Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My chain thoughts of dogs

I was just lyin' awake as usual last night...well around 3.30 am...I started to think about my weird dreams about puppies.I often have dreams where I would be in a sea of puppies.You might think thats a sweet dream but nooo!!It's freaky!!I ADORE puppies but those kinds of dreams...freaky,tho they never hurt me in the dreams.Then I thought of my dear old dog Leo.He died 3 years ago.And then I thought about my other dog,PeePee,who was female and muh younger than Leo.So I had 2 dogs then but that female dog!She was just so playful that she's chew not to mention shoes,the furniture!!Leo on the other hand never did those stuffs when he was young.So mom finally got fed up of her and we gave it to one of grandma's friends.I remember that night...they came at grandma's to take PP away.I left PP at grandma's and went out.I couldn't stand to see her taken away.So last night I thought...'I could've done something.I should have tried harder to keep her.A year later or two,I heard someone attacked her fpr no repson and she got sick and died.What a sick psycho!!!And then last night,after all these years I thought,'Maybe they ate her...maybe she lied to me...'.

'Til today,I'm determined to get another puppy.Once I'm settled.